Marina di Camerota

Marina di Camerota offers visitors an unforgettable spectacle: innumerable caves, wonderful ravines, the flowering and luxuriant vegetation, the charming beaches which are inside and outside the town and which enrapture senses. With their sand and cristal-clear sea water; the Saracenic towers, which rises fiercely on a promontory, dominate the town and it seems that they protect it. The tourist port, which is one of the most modern in this area: the new piers and the movable wharfs makes it more receptive and suited to new exigences. All these qualities give the appellation of “Pearl of the Cilento” to Marina di Camerota.
San Severino di Centola
S. Severino di Centola. On the rock spur that blocks the way to the Mingardo river, it is in an impossible position a blade of houses watched from the ruderi of a castle. The village by now is abandoned but it still perfectly gives the idea of as a time has been possible to conjugate the defensive necessities to a reasoned use of the resources of ground, leaving the flat and fertile lands to agriculture and assigning to the living spaces the more hard and less productive places.
Coves at Morigerati